Number One in Digital

Number One in Digital, launched September 2014, contains Labour Digital's 82 recommendations to transform Britain into a digital world-leader through investment and reform in infrastructure, investment, regulation, skills and public services.  The report calls for a new national programme led by Digital Board of Britain’s digital leaders, reporting to the Prime Minister, to guide this change over the next decade.  Download the report below.

The programme has a number of key recommendations:

  • National programme to be overseen by Digital Board of Britain’s digital leaders, reporting to the Prime Minister
  • National focus on connectivity - 1Gps broadband to all homes and offices, with 10Gps connections for business hubs like Tech City. 
  • A National Fund for Digital Creativity to fund digital innovation across private, public and third sectors.
  • Establish a Royal Commission to create a flexible, secure, publicly-owned data infrastructure and identity framework for the 21st century

Other recommendations include:

  • assess viability of free basic internet for all citizens
  • open APIs for 50% of government transactions and retail banks
  • tax incentives for corporate venture capital and personal investment
  •  “Programmers Passports” for high-value non-EU programmers
  • a digital Magna Carta to define citizens’ digital rights
  • online voting in general elections, local meetings and even for House of Lords votes
  • extension of work of Government Digital Service to transform local public services

In a first for any political party, these ideas and others contained in the report were crowdsourced online by Labour Digital’s 300+ members following a launch event addressed by Baroness Martha Lane Fox in March 2014.

View the report by clicking its title below, or download it by clicking the red arrow on the right.

Labour Digital,
22 Sep 2014, 14:34